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AGENT #7 ~ Full Version!
Catalog No. 855AgentFULL
Manufacturer: PVCLIP


Enter Quantity:

The most intense TICKLING film ever made….

WARNING: You have never seen a fetish video done quite like this, and you need to prepare yourself. This is the crowning moment in the history of tickling movies, and quite possibly the greatest video ever released by Paradise Vision, who have been in business for close to a decade. Quite simply, this is the most incredible and mind-blowing spy interrogation video EVER made. You will be amazed…

Asian beauties, Mishell and Yosette, are captured trying to steal information from an abandoned warehouse, and soon find themselves bound and helpless in the interrogation room. They have been trained to refuse to answer any questions, even the simplest one of telling their names. The national security of their homeland rests in their ability to withstand torture of almost any kind and still reveal no information. Unfortunately for them, there is a way to make them talk…

Enter interrogator. She is a tall, merciless government agent highly skilled in the art of questioning traitors and spies and making them crack. You can hear her deliver her inquiries with the quiet confidence of someone who knows she will get what she wants, no matter how far she has to push her victims to get it.

Giving careful consideration as to what method might deliver the best results, she circles her two victims, studying them intently. The sight of the pair, their hands cuffed behind them, their shoes and socks removed, trying to look brave and tough in their chairs, suddenly brings to mind an ancient technique to her devious mind, one often overlooked but unmatched in its effectiveness for interrogating female operatives.

She decides to test them. She stands behind them, towering above them, her breath inches from their ears, and begins to lightly TICKLE them. You can see it takes all the determined concentration they have to not respond. The interrogator pokes and prods, and watches with wicked delight as their focused faces begin to show signs of imminent distress, sweat trickling down their foreheads and the edgy tension of their restrained bodies nearly visible.

As soon as she has confirmed that they have the heightened sensitivity required to be effectively tortured with this technique, she calls in her partner, one who specializes in torturing captured spies out of their minds, one who executes his superior’s every whim and command with brutal discipline. Watch the look of fear and anxiety on the two captured spies’ faces as she calls in… AGENT #7. Wasting no time, the female interrogator orders Agent #7 to begin the delicate process of breaking the will of the two still resistant female spies.

Neither girl can hold it together once he is called in. He begins by digging into their ribs with a vengeance. Their tortured laughs and faces tell the story. As each girl is attacked, the other has to watch and feel each other’s agony. Mishell has the sweetest laugh, but her agony is even more amazing. Yosette tries to be the tough one, but even she can’t take what is in store for her. If only they will tell their names and who sent them – their training demands that they never talk, but this type of torture is just too diabolical and relentless. Their soft skin and touchy nerves betray them, and all they can do is howl and scream in agonized laughter and pray that they don’t lose their minds!

You have never seen tickling administered quite like this, as a ruthless female interrogator directs her hulking accomplice in the art of tickle-torturing two helpless women! And you have never seen two females trying to remain stone-faced when questioned, only to erupt in mind-shattering, hysterical laughter as soon as they are touched! They try so hard to be strong, and to keep each other strong, but it is futile and pointless: NO ONE could withstand this torture.

Agent #7 then goes for their super sensitive soles with “the instruments-. Mishell, the smaller, younger spy is twisted with agony as her laugher turns to tears. She continues to waver between fits of uncontrollable laughter and streams of tormented tears as Agent #7 assaults her with his experienced stroking fingers and tickling tools. She simply cannot endure this any longer, and her fellow spy Yosette is troubled even more just sitting next to her and witnessing it. Yosette must make a terrible decision: If she talks, will they please just stop destroying her partner with this maddeningly insane form of torture??!

Who will break first? This sequence of tickle-torture perfection will go down in tickling history as undeniably the most incredible interrogation scene EVER filmed!!


If you have the endurance to witness even more (if that’s possible after that historic first scene!), then let your eyes and ears eat up Elena, a beautiful Romanian spy. She is a blonde beauty with the most piecing blue eyes you will ever see, the cutest accent you will ever hear, and the sexiest laugh you could imagine!

She breaks into an office to find information on a nuclear reactor and finds more than she bargained for. She is put into the stocks, hands secured behind her back and interrogated. Of course, she doesn’t want to talk….but she has no idea what she is up against. Agent #7 removes her shoes to find her nylon-covered feet at his fingertips….and he knows just what to do to them. She is so ticklish, but as any good spy would do, she tries to stay strong….but she is in for a long night with the most merciless tickler ever born!! He brings out the “instruments- for even more and her cries of “Let me go!!!- are not heard as Agent #7 rips her nylons exposing her bare feet for even more agony for Elena…….and even more tickling pleasure for you!!


Only Paradise Vision would try to overpower you with even more perfection! Here comes the knockout punch! Introducing newcomer Alisha, one of the more beautiful and most ticklish girls we have ever worked with. She is caught and quickly finds herself in the dungeon, in stocks with her arms cuffed over her head. She has “attitude- and is a tough cookie….but also has some of the most ticklish armpits in the world! She also has lovely sweet sensitive soles that are unbearably ticklish. You will wonder how long she can endure as her armpits, ribs, knees, thighs and barefeet are attacked with a vengeance. This tickler knows no mercy and the torture goes on and on trying to get her to talk. In fact, he hardly minds that she’s not talking, he’s enjoying her agony so much. She wiggles and squirms, but can’t escape this unbelievable tickle torture as it goes on and on and on………….

AGENT #7 is a once in a lifetime, tickling interrogation masterpiece!!!

Over ONE HOUR of wall-to-wall tickling torture!
Featuring FOUR new female tickles!!
Shattering the previous concept of how good
A TICKLING video could be!!!

65 minutes for ONLY $54.95

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