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Ticklish Fables
Catalog No. 8T-81
Manufacturer: PVCLIP


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MAY 2009 RELEASE!! Shot in HiDefinition!

The Princess and the Pea

Princess Alex is preparing for her wedding. She has a very “sensitive- problem. The king sends Negar to help her with her problem so she won’t be so sensitive. She puts her on a table, slowly removes her shoes exposing her tender soles. Negar tells her that no matter what she does, she cannot “fidget-. Of course, Alex cannot stand the slightest touch and wants to do this another way, but Negar tells her there are no other options. Because Alex just can’t seem to stay still when Negar is attacking her bare soles, she has to have ankle cuffs put on for the session to continue. Now she can’t move as much, but she still can’t be still and Negar drives her wild with laughter. She can’t stand this, but she knows she can’t marry the prince until she decreases her sensitivity so she doesn’t want to stop, but how much can she take??

Snow White tickled by the Witch

You all remember the story of Snow White when the witch gives her the apple…….well at Paradise Vision, she falls into a deep sleep so that the witch can tickle her crazy! Meet Shiloh in her first performance as Snow White!! Rose is the witch and really enjoys being the tickler….especially to such a ticklish little beauty like Shiloh! Shiloh wakes up to find herself strapped down to a table completely at the mercy of the evil witch. The witch wants to know who’s the fairest in the land, but even when Snow White tells the witch she is, the tickling continues. Feathers, fingers, bare feet, upper body….and the more intense the witch becomes, the more vicious her tickling is. Poor little Snow White is tickled to the point of exhaustion and still the tickle torture continues on…..and on……and on. You will want to see more of this new model………and you will!!

Sleeping Beauty

Negar is beautiful as Sleeping Beauty. Alex is her chambermaid who just can’t seem to do anything to her liking….but then Negar isn’t always so nice about the way she talks to her servant. Alex gets fired and decides to sneak back in when Sleeping Beauty is asleep. She puts her in ankle cuffs and restrains her to the bed. She removes the shoes….and then the fun begins as Negar is awakened to Alex tickling her super sensitive bare soles. Now it’s get even for all those times Negar was mean to her servant, and get even she does! The tickling is merciless on her feet and upper body. Sleeping Beauty has a huge change in attitude and starts to apologize. Alex makes her think it’s ok…..just long enough to restrain her further and continue this torture! Now it doesn’t matter how much Sleeping Beauty apologizes and begs for this torture to stop……..Alex has a lot of getting even to make up for. Great shots of Negar’s amazing toe action!

Dorothy gets tickled by the witch

Welcome to the land of OZ……where we see Rose as Dorothy complete with her little red shoes. She meets up with Celeste, the witch, and soon finds herself under the spell of the flowers she smelled………and now she is in the stocks with the witch running feathers all over her bare feet. Dorothy just wants Toto, her dog, but the witch wants the shoes and an unforgettable tickle torture of Dorothy’s sweet soles. You all know how ticklish Rose is….and she is incredible once again in this scene. Great laugh, amazing faces, and a super ticklish reaction to every touch. All her begging and pleading doesn’t sway the witch……..so the tickle torture becomes more and more intense. Another great scene with Rose!! Not even the wizard can help her here!!

Dorothy’s Revenge on the Witch

While the wicked witch was busy tickling Dorothy, she left her wand. Luckily, Dorothy finds the wand and wishes she could get the witch back for all the tickle torture……the wand is magic, and Dorothy gets her wish! In an instant, the witch finds herself in the same stocks she had Dorothy in…….but now who is in control? Celeste is wonderful as the witch and Rose knows just how to tickle her sensitive feet…………starting with the same feathers the witch used on Dorothy. Dorothy wonders just how powerful the wand is and waves it over the witch’s feet to make them even more ticklish. The witch has no powers now and is completely at the mercy of sweet little, Dorothy, who isn’t so sweet now…….she is a vicious tickler who wants her revenge……….and gets it!!

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