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Ticklish Fantasies!!!
Catalog No. 8T-72
Manufacturer: PVCLIP


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NOVEMBER 2009 RELEASE!! Shot in HiDefinition!

Ticklish Fantasies

5 Ticklish Fantasies come to life! Elena trying to do a newscast while being tickled! Negar trying to take dictation as her nylon covered feet are attacked! Ashmin being initiated as a genie! Yosette as the tickler’s perfect “gift-! And introducing Nina tickled by a pirate!! And the hits just keep on coming!!!

Elena’s Surprise Tickle

Elena is a newscaster for station WLS and she is live on the air. The prop man wants to date her, but she keeps putting him off. So he waits until the cameras are rolling and then tickles her under the desk on her nylon covered feet! She is trying to give the news report but just can’t seem to complete a sentence without laughing. She keeps apologizing and trying to ignore what is happening to her that no one else can see, but there is no ignoring this tickler. He wants his revenge, and he is getting it…..first with his fingers, then with a big feather. The show must go on…………but so does the tickling!

Negar’s Office Tickle

Negar is a bitchy secretary talking on the phone when Bob comes in for his appointment. She doesn’t like being interrupted from her personal call and she makes him wait and wait as he gets more angry by the minute. While he’s waiting he’s planning his revenge. He leaves the office and later sneaks back in when Negar is in the boss’s office for a planning meeting. He hides under her chair, and tickles her with a feather. She doesn’t want her boss to know what is going on, so she tries to maintain her “cool-. This is not possible as she is so ticklish and Bob will not let up. He pushes the feather between her sensitive arches and her black leather strapped high heels. Then he removes her shoes exposing her sweet soles to his fingers. She just can’t maintain her composure and Bob just can’t stop tickling her!

Ashmin’s Genie Tickle

Ashmin wants to be a genie. She has to train for her magic carpet ride by keeping still on the “tickle swing- while Rose tickles her barefeet. Of course, Ashmin can’t keep still because her feet are just too ticklish. She says “Do you have to tickle my feet?-….so Rose tries tickling her ribs and they are just as ticklish! Since she can’t stay still, Rose says “ok, then let’s see how much you can move- as she tickles her crazy all over!! Ashmin really wants to be able to take her magic carpet ride, but she just can’t seem to pass the test and Rose has no intention of stopping the test!!!

Yosette in the Box

Adrien answers her front door to find a big special delivery package. It’s a box with just 2 bare feet stickling out of it………just what every great tickler would be happy to get! As she starts tickling the feet there is wild laughter coming out of the box! Yosette has very ticklish and very responsive feet. Great close-ups as her feet are attacked by Adrien’s fingers…….but fingers are not enough. Adrien has to try all kinds of other things, like a brush, pumice, nail file, and feathers………..watch as Yosette’s soles, wrinkle and squirm! A perfect gift for a serious tickler!!!

Nina tickled by a Pirate

We are proud to introduce Nina in her first scene as a lovely maiden who has been shipwrecked and landed on a deserted isle. She is spotted by a pirate who wants to “rescue- her. He invites her to his ship, but tells her there is a high price to pay to come aboard. She is all alone and stranded, so she has to do whatever it takes to get home. She soon finds herself in a barrel with her feet tied together in ropes, completely at the mercy of this tickling pirate. She doesn’t want to be tickled….it’s torture for her, and she bets for him to stop, but has not choice but to endure if she wants to get home…….and endure she must as he shows no mercy on this poor girl.

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